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Monday, 24 April 2017

The sticky Bot that can climb a vertical surface.

The rate at which new innovations are coming into existence today is really fascinating. Just imagine one day being able to climb a vertical wall without carrying sophisticated safety equipment.  As much as this reality sounds so futuristic and too ambitious to achieve, a mechanical engineer from Stanford University surprisingly developed a sticky Bot in 2010 which mimics a household gecko when moving. The science behind this prototype bot was in understanding how a household gecko is able to climb a vertical smooth surface with so much intense grip.  The reptile’s sticky feet where represented by a special adhesive which has properties that enable it to be reusable while maintaining high strength. Since then, more robots have been created and the transfer of such technology to humans is being considered.

Embrace curiosity on a daily basis as you innovate with boldness.

Towards the National Science Foundation for the amazing image.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Delivering quality education through innovative thinking.

Today’s problems require solutions that mirror the current world we are living in. However, the kind of educational system one is exposed to at an early age plays a key role in making this achievable. Just imagine how many young people find it difficult to adapt to a world that is constantly reinventing itself. It is evident that technologies once thought to be revolutionary yesterday could suddenly end up being obsolete the following day. Educational systems are failing to create an environment where children can easily tap into their creative abilities.  As a result, this is contributing to a future workforce that is highly incapable of delivering what is required. Bearing this in mind, educational bodies are now being encouraged to embrace innovative thinking as a foundation for intellectual progress. Children are now being given the free will to approach every problem they face with the current picture of mind they think is appropriate. 
Towards edblog.smarttech.com for the amazing image.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Medical information displayed on the human body by E-skin technology.

Technology is really enhancing all industries when it comes to efficiency and quality service delivery. Bearing this in mind, while watching my favorite tech news show called the BBC click, I was really amazed to learn of a revolutionary and innovative product that is going to change the way human health is examined. The product is called E-skin technology developed by researchers from University of Tokyo,  Japan. This product is intended to make it easier to determine oxygen concentration in blood and pulse rate monitoring. Just imagine one does not have to go for a blood slide anymore to have their blood tested for levels of oxygen. Gone will be the days of measuring ones pulse rate using sophisticated equipment. As a result, diagnosis of more diseases will be so quick without any need to carry out painful test procedures. Furthermore, this digital skin is highly flexible and almost the same size in thickness as natural human skin. For curiosity's sake, I decided to think beyond the medical field and see how this will be beneficial in reducing the number of wearable devices people can carry. Imagine one day being able to skype or watch television right on ones arm or palm. This will be remarkable beyond doubt. As the cost of health services are tremendously reduced by technology, healthier societies will emerge.Innovate or Expire 


Towards Pulseheadlines.com for the amazing E-skin image.

Friday, 31 March 2017

African culture expressed by M’simbi dolls.

While searching for ideas on what to write about today, I happened to read about an amazing company based in my country Zambia which is creating dolls with an African Identity. One thing I love about being African is that we are creative by nature due to our deep cultural heritage. The company behind this amazing venture is called M’simbi dolls. The moment I first saw these dolls on instagram, I felt so excited about the whole idea of such products. Imagine young African girls playing around with toys they can identify with. This will definitely give them more confidence to be proud of who they are. I believe African inspired creativity and innovation should awaken our curiosity about who we are and what we are capable of achieving. This is the right time for African product design to play a key role on the international stage.


Courtesy towards:
Msimbidolls.com for the insight and remarkable doll images.

Samsung will emerge as a Stronger and Innovative tech Giant in 2017

If we look back last year, the Tech and Digital industries were really shaken by the news that a giant such as Samsung could have bad publicity due to a technical fault. One thing that amazed me the most, was that the company that contributed to their bad experience was actually their battery supplier. Few media houses took an interest to focus on the supplier but Samsung as if it was the source of the fault. Quite alright pointing fingers at someone else does not solve the problem and accepting responsibility as a firm may be quite a difficult meal to take. But such an experience will enable Samsung to increase their vigilance efforts on every supplier with whom they have a contract. I believe intensifying their quality assurance measures on every stage of product development with external partners will make their customers have more confidence in their brand. At the end of it all as a brand, I believe their level of ingenuity is remarkable and will continue to be one of the key players in the Tech industry.


Towards thedroidguy.com for the amazing Samsung mobile image.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Strong African Cyber Security is paramount.

It always amazes me how the word cyber security is rarely a topic of significance in Africa. I believe with the ongoing biggest worldwide threat of
 intellectual property theft and booming local internet connectivity, this should be taken as a serious priority by all African governments. Financial institutions should always be on their toes, constantly searching for loop holes in their data storage facilities. If our continent intelligence branches could study how developed nations are defending themselves online, they would frequently update their national citizens on how to share valuable information more securely. I would like us all to learn more about this great cyber threat we are all exposed to regardless of what career path one has taken. Cyber security should not just be a priority for computer programmers but for everyone who has access to a smartphone. I believe the awareness should begin from learning institutions. Methods of war in the 21st Century are no longer transparent as they were a decade ago.
A secure Africa means a secure world.

Towards itsecurityguru.org and portugalresident.com for the amazing images

Friday, 24 March 2017

Zambians join the 2017 Tony Elumelu Foundation entrepreneurship programme.

The 2017 Entrepreneurship journey is really looking bright for Zambia. Yesterday I was excited to hear that 21 amazing Zambian entrepreneurs will be mentored and given access to funding by the prestigious Tony Elumelu Foundation. This foundation every year allows African countries to freely participate in the biggest Pan African entrepreneurship ecosystem. It was built on the need to see the African continent develop into a society of business minded people who contribute to the financial development of their countries through job creation. I believe this is such a brilliant platform which will empower African people to fully utilize their transformative potential and become key global economic players.


Towards the TonyElumeluFoundation for the amazing images.